Our people are our strength. We invest to succeed.

Who we are

We are Talent Consulting. We build better, bolder, inclusive public services.

We’re technology agnostic. We meet user needs first.
We work with our clients to design easy to use services for everyone. We choose the best technical toolset for the job and test, test and test again to get it right!

We get the basics right and innovate from there.
This is the first step to achieving great things together. We innovate our approach and methods, using best-practice methodology and upholding Government standards.

We value openness. Community matters to us.
Not only are we open in our coding practices, we are honest and transparent in everything we do, sharing our data and metrics to improve our outcomes. Our communities of engagement support each other and our clients.

Our people are our strength. We invest to succeed.
With an established track record in recruitment our clients trust us to match the best people to any role in our multi-disciplinary teams. Our tailored development and benefit packages help staff realise their potential and ambitions.

We design people-first services. We’re agile at heart.
Fantastic user experience drives our design. We work with users to find out what they really need and design hassle-free services that work for everyone.

We are pragmatic and flexible. We deliver outcomes.
Our agile mindset means we expect and embrace change in all things. By aiming for outcomes, we deliver more than just well managed projects.

Meet our team

Sarah Bellis

Sarah Bellis

EMEA Public Sector Director

Sarah is our Public Sector Director and she is responsible for Talent Consulting and our managed service contracts. Sarah has over 25 years experience working with Central Government Departments and the NHS. Her team are  proud to be delivering  public facing services to citizens across the UK and in a very difficult year, have continued to provide the best service to our clients, despite the difficulties Covid19 has presented.
Julian dos Remedios

Julian dos Remedios

Digital Transformation Lead

Julian has led a number of complex transformation including Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service (HMPPS). Creating and leading Digital Prison Services from 2017 to Dec 2019. This included over 10 new Services used by 45,000 staff every day. GDS, Digital Transformation Lead, working with Government Departments and leading a number of GDS Service Assessments.
Louise Bartlett

Louise Bartlett

User Experience Consultant

Louise has spent 20 years designing great user experiences in both the public and private sectors. Her extensive experience in and championing of user-centered design (UCD) principles ensures good service design that scales. She currently leads user research design to help transform government digital services.

Rachel Iles

Rachel Iles

Head of Practice

Rachel is our Senior Contracts Consultant who has over 20 years’ experience of managing clients within both the private and public sector. Since 2008,Rachel has been accountable for developing and delivering Talent management Services to some of the UK’s most recognisable brands and Central Government organisations. These include; process improvement, maximising on site Client and Contractor relationships, providing Management Information/Financial and Operational Reporting.

Jonny Cavell

Jonny Cavell

Head of Architecture

Jonny Cavell has worked in software development since before the Dotcom heyday. In this time he’s been an engineer, technical architect and development manager, and headed up the Software Engineering practice at the Home Office. He’s overseen projects in many different technologies, including Java, Kotlin, Ruby and JavaScript. He’s an advocate of delivery focused, respectful collaboration and has a passion for building high performing teams.
Jade Conroy

Jade Conroy

Lead Business Analyst

Jade Conroy is a Lead Business Analyst, a qualified Scrum Master with experience in UX research and design. Expert in digital service transformation within complex organisations, Jade has established and inspired Agile teams to achieve business process change, underpinned by useful digital products. Jade focuses on customer needs to design solutions for an improved user experience with measurable business benefits.  
Harsheek Thanki

Harsheek Thanki

Project Support Consultant

Harsheek has spent over a decade working on a number large scale IT projects. With a background in Project Management and experience in developing apps, Harsheek is currently working as a Delivery Manager for Talent for central government projects.
Shaun Hunt

Shaun Hunt

Account Manager

With over 13 years’ experience in the RPO and Central Government space, Shaun is an ILM accredited Recruitment and Account Manager who has been responsible for leading and managing delivery teams across the UK. Responsible for relationship management, Shaun has a strong track record of building and maintaining client relationships both internally and externally with Senior Stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences makes for stronger, more innovative teams.

As a leader in out field, we have a duty to inspire the companies we work with to look beyond stereotypes and find exceptional people from all backgrounds to develop their teams and work on their projects.

– We have LGBTI representation at the board level

– Inclusion well above world class averages

– Engagement scores were equal across gender

Our diversity & inclusion awards

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