We design and build end-to-end Digital Services that meet user needs

What we do

Design and build digital services

Provide digital and data experts

Support and manage cloud migration

Coaching and capability development

We design and build digital services that meet the GDS Service Standards

Following the Government Digital Services (GDS) Service Manual and working to passing the GDS Service Standards, we work in an agile, iterative way.

Starting with Discovery, we research user needs and take a user centric design approach to develop the service. We prototype, test emerging ideas and designs with users, and continuously iterate.

Moving to Alpha we prototype ideas and test them with users. We follow the GDS Design system and consider accessibility, cyber security, live service operation and all elements of the service, including non-digital journeys.

Continuing with Beta, we focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP,) prioritising having a working service as soon as possible. This enables us to further refine our service based on feedback from real users.

Running and managing Live services should include ongoing development to a service, with regular research and releases to ensure the service continues to meet user needs.


User centred design is an iterative, evolutionary process that involves users from the outset to learn about their needs. This ensures evidence-based, successful outcomes that achieve user needs and business goals.

Andrew Millar, Head of User Centered Design


We find the GDS Technology Code of Practice and Service Standard invaluable guides for delivering user-centred, maintainable and robust digital services. As architects and developers, we strive to apply these principles for both public and internal services.

Jonny Cavell, Head of Architecture

We support and manage cloud migration, optimisation and live service management

Moving to the cloud should never be done in isolation and all options should be considered before commissioning work.  Making the right decisions at each stage is extremely important and should be part of a wider strategy and technical architecture.  We have a team of experienced Technical Experts with significant experience across sectors and Government, working to the GDS Technology Code of Practice

We also have teams of experienced DevOps and WebOps engineers that can help optimise cloud usage and manage live service operations using an extensive list of technologies based on your needs. 

We provide digital experts in all Digital and Data Specialisms

Talent has over 25 years experience in Digital and Technology recruitment. We are able to find the right people and teams, often from the 300+ experts that have worked in Digital for the UK Central Government in recent years.

We operate from four UK offices and have dedicated teams that support our people.


Transforming user needs and desires into great products brings me joy.

Jade Conroy, Business Analyst for Ministry of Justice


Talent Consulting are passionate about user needs and delivering the outcomes our clients and users want. We make Digital easy, giving our clients reassurance that we are experts in our field.

Sarah Bellis, EMEA Public Sector Director

We support a move to Digital and agile working, including coaching, upskilling and capability development

We have excellent case studies of when we have provided experts to support the creation and forming of Digital teams. Such as our work for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), contributing to them being finalists in the Digital category at the prestigious Civil Service Awards in 2018.

Or our work at the Education and Skills Funding [link to case study/videos] where we have helped to develop the Apprenticeships service on gov.uk, passing all of its GDS Service Assessments.

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